Why Your Business Needs Recruitment Automation Tools

By Joe Towner

Today’s recruitment tools are advancing at a rate of knots and are giving the best recruiters in agencies and HR departments all over the UK greater opportunities for expansion and growth. With competition high in the marketplace, the move towards automation can deliver far greater efficiency and a chance to really make the most of the additional time you can spend with your candidates.

What are recruitment automation tools?

Within the recruitment world there are the same administrative tasks that are repetitive, dull and time-consuming, yet necessary evils that are present in almost every business, regardless of sector.

Advancing technologies can be harnessed to allow for automation of these everyday tasks and enhance profiling. The best tools also incorporate algorithms to automate candidate sourcing, engagement and tracking to make following up candidates much simpler. They will often include opportunities to automate feedback, which is another historically time-consuming task for recruiters.

What are the benefits of automation?

In addition to the clear time-saving benefits, there are significant ways that companies and agencies can benefit by automation across the entire recruitment process.

Reducing the cost of talent acquisition – creating an efficient, streamlined recruitment process using automation can make finding quality candidates easier and faster. Increased productivity in this area alone can reduce the cost of processing each applicant.

Eliminating human error – humans make mistakes sometimes, this is inevitable. Automating previously manual tasks using recruitment tools can significantly reduce and, in most cases, completely eliminate basic human errors.

Creating consistency – all recruiters work differently. By standardising the manual processes and automating them with tools, greater consistency is naturally created, and better visibility achieved in a team environment.

Streamlined data collection and analysis – automating this aspect of recruitment is possibly one of the greatest advantages for your business. There are almost inordinate amounts of data that can be gathered and analysed in a fraction of the time compared to manual processing. The automation of this aspect can deliver results and insights that human analysis simply cannot reveal with the same clarity.

There are boundless opportunities to be harnessed by automating the recruitment process. This does not mean that recruiters and HR departments are no longer necessary. The human element of recruitment is critical, and automation releases the best recruiters from the menial tasks to allow them to do what they do best – recruit.

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