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May 01, 2019 Joe Towner

Why Your Business Needs Recruitment Automation Tools

Today’s recruitment tools are advancing at a rate of knots and are giving the best recruiters in agencies and HR departments all over the UK greater opportunities for expansion and growth. With competition high in the marketplace, the move towards automation can deliver far greater efficiency and a chance to really make the most of the additional time you can spend with your candidates.
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Apr 01, 2019 Tim Jarrett

5 Top Worst Recruitment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

All good recruiters should know that the people within a business are the most important assets to it. Today, it is more critical than ever to hire the right people for the right roles and one of the biggest advantages a recruiter can have is the ability to determine how to attract these valuable candidates.
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Mar 01, 2019 Cris Nagy

10 Top Tips for Recruitment Agencies in 2019

The best recruitment agencies are always looking to improve their strategies for finding the right candidates and building trust, reputation and efficiency. 2019 is going to be challenging for many UK recruitment agencies on many levels, with uncertainty surrounding the country's planned exit from the EU and the effects on the current economic climate.
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Feb 01, 2019 Joe Towner

Candidate Management Made Easy for 2019

Candidate management for recruitment agencies and HR teams has historically always been challenging – probably causing some of the biggest logistical headaches in the industry. Applicants can be sourced from many different platforms, each delivering disparate data in almost comical amounts.
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Jan 01, 2019 Lawrence Gill

Don't Let Your Recruitment Strategies Get in the Way of Finding the Right People

Whether you're in a recruitment agency or a busy HR team, you're working harder to develop strategies and relationships than ever before. 2019 will continue the trend for the candidate-centric approach to recruitment, and with growing competition and technological advancements, the ways in which recruiters find the right people are changing.
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With a central cloud-based system, everyone can see and search all candidates in one place. It’s given us a more structured approach, and day-to-day tasks are now managed more efficiently.
Fiona Frisson Senior Account Manager at Tarot Recruitment
Our focus is on providing our clients with top-quality candidates suited to their specific requirements. We can only do that because we trust Vacancy Lab to support what we do.
Jonathan Bates Partner at MPQR Resourcing Solutions
We’ve become a more productive and more effective business since we brought in Vacancy Lab. It’s made a real difference to how we deal with candidates and what we can achieve for clients.
Anthony Kelly Public Sector Director at Harvey Recruit Ltd.