Are you making the most of social recruiting opportunities

By Jay Rock

Social recruiting is becoming an increasingly popular method of talent acquisition in the UK. This is in part because, according to industry research, social media can bring in up to 50% more applicants and almost 60% of those that become employees said they were influenced to apply because of the company’s social media profile and activity.

Some of the most popular platforms used for social recruiting are:

•    LinkedIn
•    Jobs for Google
•    Instagram
•    Facebook
•    Twitter

Creating a solid foundation for social media recruitment

With high levels of uncertainty surrounding the recruitment industry during the current health crisis, there has never been a more important time to explore every avenue. If you’re not looking at social recruiting yet, you could be missing out on some of the best talent acquisition opportunities. 

Every good recruiter knows that success begins with a strategy. This is when you step back and look at the complete picture to set your goals and lay a sound foundation for social hiring. Creating a strategy can help you to harness the opportunities of social media as a powerful recruitment tool. 

Social recruiting tips

Choose the most appropriate social media platforms. 

Some of the success of social recruiting depends on selecting the right platforms to post your job opportunities. Spend some time browsing the most popular ones to see which are the right fit for your company profile and culture. Whether you are an independent recruiter, an agency consultant or an HR hiring team, categorising and matching your posts and platforms is a vital part of your strategy.

It will not be unusual to find several social media channels suitable for recruiting for your specific needs. This is where recruiting tools will help you to streamline and organise your strategy.

Create an engaging mix of posts

In addition to job postings, make your company pages more interesting by posting a range of content that reflects what it would be like to work with you. These could include company news stories and employee showcases or business goals met, industry memes or branded content. Try to include a range of content types too, such as:

  • Video presentations
  • Infographics
  • Photos of the workplace
  • News stories and industry trends

If you’re an agency or recruiter, tips and advice posts can be an invaluable way to connect and engage with your page visitors. Include a range of posts, for example:

  • Job application tips
  • Interview techniques
  • How-to posts
    • How to prepare for a remote interview
    • How to apply for a job during a crisis
    • How to create the perfect CV
    • And so on.

Engage with your audience 

Striking up conversations on social media is perhaps one of the most important ways you can build trust and engagement with your followers. And it is possibly one of the things that make recruiters really come into their own. Naturally ‘people’ people, social recruiters have an excellent opportunity to engage with potential candidates at stages that they never would have before. 

Respond to questions about job postings in good time and be friendly, yet professional and company-aware. Make sure you have conveyed your application processes clearly and simplify your social recruiting.

Use recruitment software and tools to help you with posting and candidate tracking

Some types of recruitment software can provide an excellent resource for social recruiting. Typically, social media recruitment happens over several platforms. With it potentially bringing in up to 50% more candidates than via other traditional channels, it is clear to see that candidate tracking could become significantly more complex. 

Vacancy Lab recruitment software can streamline and automate a significant portion of the admin processes, leaving you to engage and network with your social media audience. Some of these processes can include:

•    Direct job postings to social media channels
•    Automating multiple channel postings
•    Post scheduling
•    Intelligent CV processing and parsing 
•    Candidate management and search facility
•    Automated CRM 
•    Sync facility for social accounts and email
•    Triggered email responses and recording
•    Performance monitoring and KPI recording
•    Server and cloud-based hosting 

When your core candidate management strategy can be automated, this offers recruiters far greater flexibility in your talent acquisition processes. Vacancy Lab can give you the flexibility you need to make the most of the current social recruiting opportunities. We can also offer you scalability with our unique monthly and annual pricing plans. Give us a call today to book your live demonstration of our powerful recruitment management software.

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