Can automating CRM turnaround your current recruitment challenges

By Lawrence Gill

The UK's recruitment industry is currently facing a host of challenges in its quest for the right talent. With a public health crisis causing widespread uncertainty and operations in most business sectors still far from normal, it’s a tough time for both job seekers and recruiters.

While the industry is expecting to become extremely busy, the challenges of the current times may mean that ordinary recruitment processes are significantly slowed down. This will mean that changes will need to be made to streamline Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and communications if you’re going to stay at the top of your recruiting game.

Transforming the recruiting landscape

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the UK's recruiting industry was beginning to realise that challenges were increasing. Traditional resource-heavy and time-consuming tasks were already starting to become a burden to the candidate tracking experience and making it harder to keep control of CRM. 

Automating CRM with software and recruitment tools can transform the recruiting landscape. Some of the best systems are highly configurable and when integrated with other features, such as a secure, compliant database and a powerful search facility, really come into their own. When recruiters can maximise their potential by automating key applicant and communications tracking, the entire process of recruitment can be streamlined and improved. This can then become central to your recruiting strategy as the industry faces the challenges ahead.

Automating the key processes of candidate tracking can enable far greater efficiency across the board. This is giving teams across the recruiting industry in the UK more time on what they do best and build better relationships with candidates as a result. 

Key recruitment processes that can be automated with the right CRM software:

•    CV parsing and profiling
•    Communications log updates
•    Skills matching
•    Events logging
•    Triggers and alerts
•    GDPR compliance
•    Applicant tracking
•    Monitoring
•    Reporting
•    Scheduling

Improving the candidate experience

Creating a good candidate experience is an important part of the business. Agencies and recruiters that have an organised approach backed up with streamlined recruiting plans through automation are more likely to succeed in today’s challenging environment. 

Businesses of all sizes across the UK are understanding that the candidate experience is key to them attracting and retaining the right talent at the right time. Automation in a core process like Candidate Relationship Management is making all the difference to efficiency. This also means that you’re less likely to let top talent slip through the net.

One of the core factors of recruitment is a candidate and employer relationship building and today’s mounting challenges make this harder all the time.  Automating CRM and other key processes enables recruiters to spend more time focusing on this vital factor. This only serves to strengthen the candidate experience and ultimately improve the quality of your hiring.

Streamlining internal communications and improving collaborative recruitment

Applicant tracking systems with automated CRM can provide a platform from which collaboration is streamlined and fully supported. Using a data-centric approach can offer valuable insights that can be used to source, identify and share vital candidate information – from the start of the recruitment process to the final onboarding phases.

Once internal communications are streamlined and improved, collaborative recruitment becomes much easier and comprehensively efficient. With these key areas of continual focus currently some of the most challenging to handle in the recruiting world, it is clear to see why more hiring professionals are turning to automation for help.

How Vacancy Lab can help

Vacancy Lab is a powerful recruitment software that includes a comprehensive candidate relationship management feature. Designed to be flexible and adaptable, Vacancy Lab offers a scalable approach that can grow with you as your business needs change. It can give you the security you need with a fully compliant database and create a central hub to enhance collaborative recruiting.

Talk to the team at Vacancy Lab and book your live demonstration of this powerful recruitment management software. Turnaround your current hiring challenges by automating recruitment CRM and start future-proofing your business.

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