Vacancy Lab recruitment management software offers a highly configurable recruitment database feature that delivers the power behind the search functionality of the system. Increasing regulatory compliance requirements place pressure on agencies and HR teams every day and the recruitment database ticks data protection and other GDPR compliance boxes through automation.

Key Benefits of Automation

Taking on board candidate management software with a powerful in-built recruitment database drives and accelerates the entire recruitment process. Vacancy Lab streamlines matching, automates compliance and leaves recruiters safe in the knowledge that the system is efficiently and securely collecting, storing and making sense of the inordinate amounts of data they’re typically generating. Automation can benefit teams of all sizes, facilitating fast, accurate and fully configurable search of the recruitment database.

The adoption of systems that include recruitment database software and search functionality offers recruiters a chance to fully streamline their approach to applicant tracking and management. This enhanced view allows teams to spend more time on what they do best – finding the right candidates for the right roles.

Fast and Easy to Deploy and Use

Vacancy Lab recruitment software is designed to support recruiters, whether you’re an agency, a freelance recruiter or running a busy HR department. Developed to incorporate powerful features, such as the recruitment database, automatic CV profiling, CRM and applicant tracking functionality, Vacancy Lab streamlines all your processes into one, clear dashboard from which you can manage your candidates and clients on a customisable user-friendly interface.

Server or cloud hosted, Vacancy Lab is integrated with your website CMS and enables fully compliant applicant self-registration if required. Simple, plug-and-go deployment and full support from the Vacancy Lab team makes implementation and operation fast and easy with minimum training.

Using dedicated recruitment database software also helps recruiters to achieve GDPR compliance yet can be expensive or challenging to integrate with many other types of recruitment management platforms. Vacancy Lab offers a different approach with a range of affordable monthly plans that vary according to your needs. With multiple configuration options to help increase the efficiency of matching processes over multiple industry sectors, automated recruitment database updates, communications and events logging, Vacancy Lab offers a single solution to encompass all your needs.

User-Friendly, Configurable Interface

From a single dashboard, the user-friendly interface is immediately familiar to users of spreadsheets. Vacancy Lab’s software has a wide range of highly configurable options that can display specific data or information as required. Easy to use and based on a grid layout, the interface can offer a comprehensive view with accurate detail.

The recruitment database drives Vacancy Lab’s powerful search functionality and ensures information is fast and easy to access while remaining highly compliant with data protection mandates.

When combined with the other features, such as automated CV profiling and candidate management, Vacancy Lab gives professional recruiters a better, more configurable or customisable view.

Powerful Search Feature

Vacancy Lab’s recruitment database software drives the uniquely customisable search facility that accelerates matching to even the most specific details.

When a detailed search is needed, such as for a very specific skill or qualification, a particular salary, company benefit or small geographical area, Vacancy Lab enables these precise system parameters. This can help to streamline further applications too, such as CV profiling, for example.

When the recruitment database is secured, compliant and uniquely configurable, and the candidate management system automated, recruiters can then concentrate fully on the matching processes.

Automatic GDPR Compliance

The big data that recruitment agencies typically handle must be secure, yet accessible to those that need it. The introduction of GDPR requirements has made it necessary for agencies to take a look at their processes and security like never before.
With big potential fines facing non-compliance, teams of all sizes are under pressure to get the data protection right according to the guidelines.

Vacancy Lab’s powerful, centralised recruitment database can be configured to accept information and data in different forms, such as plain text, form fields and tick boxes. Vacancy Lab protects data and communications flows according to GDPR and offers both clients and candidates a professional, secure service.

Easy to Deploy – Plug-and-Go

Vacancy Lab recruitment database and management software is fast and easy to deploy via the website CMS and is fully supported by the team. We work closely with you to help you start working with Vacancy Lab and are always at the end of the telephone to iron out any issues or answer queries.

Because Vacancy Lab is integrated, you can also enjoy connectivity with email, job boards and social media and self-registration of applicants to GDPR compliant standards is simplified. Hosted either on your servers or within the cloud, Vacancy Lab can remain adaptable for your business, regardless of size or location.

The recruitment management software is efficient and simple to deploy and use with very little training. With plug-and-go functionality and full Vacancy Lab team support, you can be up and running and enjoying the benefits of Vacancy Lab quickly.

Recruitment Database Software

Automating routine processes in recruitment significantly improves efficiency and cost effectivity and in a highly competitive marketplace, can bring the benefits of an enhanced reputation. From the first stages of the recruitment process through matching and ultimately finding the right people for the right roles, Vacancy Lab delivers the tools to make it easier.

The powerful recruitment database within Vacancy Lab is designed to deliver seamless compliance and functionality and helps to streamline and optimise all your routine recruitment processes.
Offer your clients and candidates a comprehensively secure, seamless experience. Never lose track of another candidate or let the perfect one slip through the net. Whether you’re working as a freelance recruiter for yourself or you are part of a busy team, we’ve got an affordable recruitment management system for you.

Talk to Vacancy Lab

Vacancy Lab takes a different approach to recruitment management for our clients. Hosting wherever you need it to be and customer service that is second to none. We’re a friendly, knowledgeable team and encourage our clients to pick up the phone to speak to a real person about any issues or user advice. We can often answer your queries there and then, saving time and enhancing the user experience.

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With a central cloud-based system, everyone can see and search all candidates in one place. It’s given us a more structured approach, and day-to-day tasks are now managed more efficiently.
Fiona Frisson Senior Account Manager at Tarot Recruitment
Our focus is on providing our clients with top-quality candidates suited to their specific requirements. We can only do that because we trust Vacancy Lab to support what we do.
Jonathan Bates Partner at MPQR Resourcing Solutions
We’ve become a more productive and more effective business since we brought in Vacancy Lab. It’s made a real difference to how we deal with candidates and what we can achieve for clients.
Anthony Kelly Public Sector Director at Harvey Recruit Ltd.