Increase Efficacy and Reduce Cost with the Right Recruitment Tools

By Tim Jarrett on Aug 25, 2020

For some years, recruitment tools have been giving agencies the means to speed up the traditional, paper-heavy recruiting processes. However, the recruitment industry is falling under more and more regulatory pressure, while experiencing increasing demand and tougher expectations.

In a typically resource-heavy industry, this type of mounting pressure is gradually shifting the recruiter away from the fundamentals of recruiting and plunging him ever-deeper into admin. Because of this, many recruitment specialists are looking towards some of the latest recruitment tools to help ease the burden of some of the early-stage, routine aspects of the process.

Increasing challenges in the recruitment industry

It is commonly thought that the recruitment industry will face ever-increasing challenges over the next few years. With a health crisis still ongoing across the UK, many more professionals across the industry are finding a new way of dealing with demand while meeting increased hygiene standards and social restrictions. It has never been more important to increase both the efficiency and efficacy of recruitment in all sectors if recruiters are going to continue to deliver the quality that is needed.

What are the right recruitment tools?

Recruiting agencies often specialise in industry sectors, which increases the quality of their matches in many ways. Whether you specialise or not, you follow a multi-faceted approach to recruitment, this is unavoidable. There are many aspects to recruitment and many of these are admin-related:

  • CV processing
  • Data onboarding
  • Compliant data storage
  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate management
  • Skills matching
  • And more.

Data privacy and protection regulations have added a new set of processes to recruitment too. With carefully protected database storage now a priority (and huge fines in place for non-compliance), recruitment agencies are also having to ensure that compliant systems are in place.

Finding recruitment tools that tick all the vital boxes, while streamlining processes and lightening the admin load has been the goal of agencies all over the country.

How Vacancy Lab can help

Vacancy Lab is powerful recruitment software that has been developed specifically to help ease the administrative burden of the routine elements of the recruitment process. Simple-to-use, compliant recruitment software integrates seamlessly into your current system and provides a comprehensive, automated approach.

Vacancy Lab automates CV processing and can be customised to a wide range of data parameters to help streamline the matching process and save hours of work. When these routine tasks are automated and information stored in a compliant, robust database, the search and match process can begin more quickly. The recruiter also has more time to spend on the vital matching process and with a powerful search facility, Vacancy Lab makes light work of this aspect too.

Finding the right recruitment tools for your agency doesn’t have to be difficult, resource or investment-heavy. Talk to us today about how we can help increase the efficacy of your current system, ease the burden of compliance and future-proof your recruitment agency.

With a central cloud-based system, everyone can see and search all candidates in one place. It’s given us a more structured approach, and day-to-day tasks are now managed more efficiently.
Fiona Frisson Senior Account Manager at Tarot Recruitment
Our focus is on providing our clients with top-quality candidates suited to their specific requirements. We can only do that because we trust Vacancy Lab to support what we do.
Jonathan Bates Partner at MPQR Resourcing Solutions
We’ve become a more productive and more effective business since we brought in Vacancy Lab. It’s made a real difference to how we deal with candidates and what we can achieve for clients.
Anthony Kelly Public Sector Director at Harvey Recruit Ltd.