Handling Recruitment Processes - It’s All in the Data

By Joe Towner

Handling recruitment processes to find the right candidate for the right job can be extremely challenging, even for the best, most enthusiastic recruiters. Typical recruitment processes generate inordinate amounts of data and this has to be analysed in detail according to specific matching parameters – and that’s just for one role.

Growing recruitment agencies and HR departments can be faced with a difficult, time-consuming task, even using digital tools to help them. Some of the latest solutions include data hosting within the Cloud, which offers seamless access to those that need it, making collaboration within an agency or company fast and easy.

Recruitment software with customisable parameters for handling and sorting data is offering recruiters a way of cutting the time and ultimate cost of matching clients with the right candidates.

Why define parameters for your recruitment process?

Reactivity is everything in the recruitment process. If you can automate and therefore speed up data processing, you have a way of quickly and effectively finding and matching vacancies and candidates. Implementing a list of parameters within a simple, transparent system can make sorting through your data a fast, efficient process, rather than a complex, headache-inducing one.

Defining the right parameters is a critical part of automation and will determine the effectivity of the entire data processing system. Once set, system defined parameters and filters can accelerate the search process significantly, as they can be used repeatedly and with less effort.

How Vacancy Lab can help

Here at Vacancy Lab, we offer unmatched levels of customer and implementation support. We are at the end of a phone in our UK-based premises to answer any questions or resolve potential issues quickly and offer an accessible, transparent pricing strategy.

Our recruitment software offers a fully customisable candidate database with advanced skills search and experience matching functionality. Vacancy Lab automates basic tasks and integrates with email, website, job board systems and social media to increase both the efficiency and the quality of your recruitment. The CV profiling feature automates CV parsing and data collection according to your parameters and delivers highly accurate results to your queries.

Talk to Vacancy Lab on 01293 127 128 or book your live demonstration today – you won’t look back.

With a central cloud-based system, everyone can see and search all candidates in one place. It’s given us a more structured approach, and day-to-day tasks are now managed more efficiently.
Fiona Frisson Senior Account Manager at Tarot Recruitment
Our focus is on providing our clients with top-quality candidates suited to their specific requirements. We can only do that because we trust Vacancy Lab to support what we do.
Jonathan Bates Partner at MPQR Resourcing Solutions
We’ve become a more productive and more effective business since we brought in Vacancy Lab. It’s made a real difference to how we deal with candidates and what we can achieve for clients.
Anthony Kelly Public Sector Director at Harvey Recruit Ltd.