5 Top Tips to Streamline and Simplify Your HR Recruiting Process

By Tim Jarrett on Sep 24, 2019

The HR recruiting process is complex and quite rightly so. Finding the right people to fit into the business is crucial and every HR recruiter wants to find the perfect candidate. HR is not a process that can afford to waste time or money and in a market that is fiercely competitive, the latest techniques and technologies can really help.

HR recruiters have their hands full within a dedicated department. Finding the right candidates to fit into a business where you also work adds a little more pressure. It isn’t always about finding a person that works on paper, but also one that fits into an existing team. Personality is just as important. We’ve got five top tips to help streamline and simplify the HR recruiting process.

Be clear about the job posting

A big part of finding the right people is in the job post craft. Getting this part right is crucial and can save considerable time. Be clear about the position, responsibilities and skills needed, but also take some time to tell the candidates about training and other opportunities that your company offers. Today’s candidates have expectations too, and many want to join a business that they can become a valuable, integrable part of.

Raising false expectations on either side is a big no-no in HR recruitment and results in wasted time for all parties.

Start on the inside

Employee referral programs can be the ideal way to attract good candidates. Encouraging current employees to recommend colleagues in the same field can be extremely effective. This can potentially attract candidates that will fit into the team well, as they’re put forward by potential co-workers.

Your current employees already know the company or organization and can be great ambassadors. You may even find the perfect fit for the role within the company, which can save time and cost too.

5 Top Tips to Streamline and Simplify Your HR Recruiting Process 2

Plan and carefully structure the interviews

Planning the interview process is key. You already know the candidate has the skills, qualifications and experience required on paper, but the meeting in person is a crucial part of the HR recruitment process. Don’t waste this opportunity to really get to know your candidate. Ask questions that require them to think about the answers and those which reveal core values and work ethic.

Think about practical assessment

Work trials are a growing trend that can offer valuable insights into your candidates. The HR recruitment process delivers an opportunity to set up in-house practical tasks that can be monitored and assessed as a part of the interview process.

Practical assessments should be carefully selected and kept short and sweet to deliver the best results.

Use HR recruitment tools to keep on top of communication

Keeping on top of communication with your candidates is a key aspect of HR recruiting and arguably one of the most crucial if you are to retain the best ones. This is also one of the biggest challenges that HR recruiters face. Good candidates can easily slip through the net and be hired elsewhere.

There are tools available to help HR recruitment with candidate tracking and monitoring. Vacancy Lab software creates a platform that makes automation of emails, alerting and candidate-role matching a seamless prosses.

The best recruiters use a combination of skills and tools that simplify and streamline the HR recruitment process. This vital process is key to a company’s establishment and development and putting the right people in the right jobs is extremely important to continue strengthening this value over the long term.

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