10 Top Tips for Recruitment Agencies in 2019

By Cris Nagy on Mar 01, 2019

The best recruitment agencies are always looking to improve their strategies for finding the right candidates and building trust, reputation and efficiency. 2019 is going to be challenging for many UK recruitment agencies on many levels, with uncertainty surrounding the country's planned exit from the EU and the effects on the current economic climate.

Employment in the UK is currently at a high, and there are growing incentives for job seekers, which is also, in part, the driving force behind the increasing competitiveness among recruiters across the country today. Now is the perfect time for recruitment agencies to step up their strategies to keep ahead of the competition. We've got ten tips to get you started.

1.      Shorten online applications

It is thought that as many as 60% of job-seekers won't complete a complicated, lengthy online application. Using simplified, one-page applications will yield far better results.

2.      Make communication easy

2019 will continue a global trend of experience-first attitudes, and recruitment won't escape that. Fast, easy communications that will speed up the recruitment process will be really important this year, and automation, real-time chat features and a streamlined process for information-sharing will go a long way in this candidate-driven industry.

3.      Think about recruitment management software

As recruitment agencies grow busier, candidate management and tracking will become a higher priority and utilising recruitment management software can keep everything in one place. Keep track of all communications, current status and C.V. in the candidate area.

4.      Streamline assessment and interview processes

Recruitment agencies will find 2019 more challenging in terms of keeping assessment and interview processes simple and to-the-point. Time will be of the essence and pre-hiring assessments and niche job boards, for example, should become more important priorities during the search for the right candidates.

5.      Make sure job descriptions are accurate

Accurate job listings and descriptions can improve recruitment results significantly. To some, it may seem an obvious statement, but it is surprising how often this appears to have been missed. Be clear and concise in listing important details, such as core responsibilities and expected tasks, reviews and working conditions.

6.      Make the most of networking

Some recruitment agencies find that networking among the local community, and in particular at colleges and university placement offices can yield results and build trust. Networking events and opportunities should never be overlooked, and it is worth remembering that time spent developing good communication and relationships is never wasted in the recruitment industry.

7.      Think about the use of video

The use of video is growing all over the world, and the opportunities to reach the younger generations are increasing too. Think about using video to convey useful information such as:

  • Tips for the interview process.
  • What we look for in candidates.
  • How to prepare a good C.V.
  • The right way to dress for a job interview.

Short, concise video clips are more likely to be watched by candidates than having them read paragraphs of text. Videos can also encourage a strengthening of SEO, which happens when a visitor remains on your page for a length of time.

8.      Set the scene for the long-term placement

Many of the job seekers joining recruitment agencies today in the UK are looking for a long-term job, and so are curious about more than just the job description. Adding a section about the company/employer is a good place to convey company policies, benefits, staff review schedules, opportunities programmes and ethics, for example, in addition to any other information that might prove useful.

9.      Consider automation of system processes

When system processes become manually time-consuming, the candidate experience can suffer. Encourage recruiters to spend more time building communications and relationships with candidates, employers and job seekers to create a better experience for all by automating system processes and streamlining systems.

10.    Create a recruitment network

Not all job seekers will have the skills that match your current job postings, but that doesn't mean you need to overlook them. A successful recruitment agency works within a recruitment network, building a portfolio that also drives the team to expand its job opportunities and match its job seekers with the right employers.

How 2019 digital technology and advancement is driving change

2019 is going to be a year of swift advancement in the digital world, and it makes sense for recruitment agencies to move with the trends and embrace solutions that can result in streamlined systems and process, leaving their recruiters to do what they do best and increase productivity.

Recruitment agencies are often creative environments where individuals work hard to develop and maintain personal and professional connections. Today's agencies face challenges every day in terms of candidate management and tracking, client management and job board integration, to name just a few.

Vacancy Lab offers recruitment agencies a low-cost solution to help them harness these opportunities and stay ahead of their competitors. Find out more about Vacancy Lab features and benefits, and contact us to discuss your new 2019 digital recruitment strategy.

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