Is your recruitment database streamlined and compliant

By Lawrence Gill

In a sector that is highly competitive, recruitment agencies constantly strive to enhance their industry reputation through role and candidate matching with greater efficiency and effectiveness than the competition. A recruitment database forms the backbone of every busy agency and traditionally, many of these are vast, complex repositories that require dedicated care and attention with costly maintenance and back up needed.

In recent years regulatory compliance requirements have also increased, particularly in the area of data protection. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has increased pressure and businesses failing to comply with GDPR face potentially significant fines as a result. At a time when the recruitment database should be streamlined and compliant – is yours?

Automating compliance in the recruitment database

Compliant processes are necessary regardless of the size of the business or agency. Whether working alone, as a part of a sizeable team or running a large HR department, recruiters must ensure that the database remains compliant according to data protection regulations. 

Automating compliance is made easier with the implementation of recruitment management software. Vacancy Lab has a powerful built-in, compliant recruitment database feature that seamlessly automates this type of requirement. When compliance tools are utilised to full effect, recruitment agencies can reduce both the complexity and cost of meeting mandatory expectations.

Streamlining processes through powerful search

The recruitment database collects, stores and sorts out the typically inordinate amount of data and information generated by recruiters and candidates every day. As agencies grow busier, they spend more time handling and dealing with data and less time doing what they’re supposed to be doing – recruiting.

Accessing the right information fast is critical to the matching process and key to finding the right people for the right roles. When the database is centralised and integrated, with a user-friendly interface, access to data becomes more streamlined and can then be more highly configured to suit the needs of the recruiter.

Sometimes a recruitment consultant needs to dig deep into the finer details of a match to find the right candidate. A wide range of configuration options can deliver powerful basic search but a detailed search with specific parameters is where recruitment database software really demonstrates its worth.

How Vacancy Lab can help streamline your recruitment database

Vacancy Lab recruitment management software was developed to give recruiters a compliant, streamlined approach to candidate management across the board. As a CRM tool, it provides a comprehensive recording system for communications and events and can be configured to trigger alerts and reminders over a wide range of options.

The Vacancy Lab recruitment database is a powerful feature, which is deployed within the website CMS and remains seamlessly operational and compliant whether server or cloud-hosted. This also enables fully compliant self-registration options for candidates if you operate this type of system.

Talk to Vacancy Lab about getting your recruitment database streamlined and compliant. We’re friendly and knowledgeable and are happy to show you how it all works. Book a demo today and let’s get started. 

With a central cloud-based system, everyone can see and search all candidates in one place. It’s given us a more structured approach, and day-to-day tasks are now managed more efficiently.
Fiona Frisson Senior Account Manager at Tarot Recruitment
Our focus is on providing our clients with top-quality candidates suited to their specific requirements. We can only do that because we trust Vacancy Lab to support what we do.
Jonathan Bates Partner at MPQR Resourcing Solutions
We’ve become a more productive and more effective business since we brought in Vacancy Lab. It’s made a real difference to how we deal with candidates and what we can achieve for clients.
Anthony Kelly Public Sector Director at Harvey Recruit Ltd.