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Vacancy Lab Recruitment Software Launched

20th January 2016

After several years of development, we are proud to announce the public release of Vacancy Lab, our new web based recruitment CRM and ATS. Designed to be a replacement for our existing offering, the Palustris Recruitment Software, Vacancy Lab has capitalised on the years of feedback we have received from our existing users and combined it with the latest web based technologies to provide a powerful and intuitive Recruitment Software solution.

Vacancy Lab comes with all the features you would expect from a mainstream recruitment software package as well as a few higher level functions that are more unique:

Automated CV Processing

Vacancy Lab includes a powerful CV processor that will take all the work out of adding new candidates. Just drag and drop the CV file into the window and Vacancy Lab will upload it to the system, pull out a range of contact and personal details, identify any skills that are relevant to you and process any employment history it finds. If you deal with so many CVs that even that sounds like hard work, Vacancy Lab also includes a bulk processor that will allow you to process hundreds of CVs at a time!

Task Automation

Vacancy Lab will help you cut down on those repetitive everyday tasks that eat into your valuable time by allowing you to automate them. Be it generating welcome emails or setting important reminders, tell Vacancy Lab what you need and when and Vacancy Lab will do the rest. Not only does this feature save time but also helps with compliance to ensure that all clients and candidates get a consistent experience no matter who they deal with.

Exchange Integration

While Vacancy Lab includes the ability to email people through the system, we recognise how much people work form mail clients like Microsoft Outlook. Vacancy Lab can automatically log emails you send and receive through outlook against the relevant clients and candidates in the system. This means you can maintain a complete email history in Vacancy Lab even when you are using outlook. 


For a more comprehensive list of features, click here to see our main features page.

While Vacancy Lab has been completely redeveloped, we have carried over many of the strong features from Palustris such as the easy to use interface and right click menu. Another featured that has been retained is the ability to host Vacancy Lab yourself. Unlike most web based systems where you have no choice but to trust the software provider with your data, Vacancy Lab offers you the opportunity to host it on your own server, be that a cloud server from someone like amazon or a server in your office. This mean that Vacancy Lab users can benefit from a number of different hosting options that are not available through other software providers.

To celebrate the launch of Vacancy Lab, anyone who has a demo of the system will qualify for free installation and setup if and when they decide to signup. Click here to use our online booking form to book your demo now.


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