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Update 1.71: More Convenience and Information at your Fingertips!

4th September 2017

Update 1.71 of Vacancy Lab has just been released. We think that the new features will improve your experience so we've picked our favourite three to describe below.

Additional Client Information When Adding a Vacancy

When you add a new vacancy on the Vacancies Main Grid, the location of your clients now appears. This gives you additional information in case your clients have similar names and limits human error.

Postcode For Contacts in Main Grid

You can now configure the Contacts Main Grid to show your contacts' site postcodes. This is managed by selecting Tools > User Fields > Contacts Area and then selecting the check box next to "Site Postcode" under the "Include in Main Grid" column.

Mail Merge a Candidate from the Candidates Record

You can now do a mail merge from inside a candidate record by selecting Actions > Mail Merge Candidate. This allows you to easily employ your mail merge templates with fewer clicks!

Other New Features

  • FEATURE: 0001671: We've made some general style improvements specifically for chrome users.
  • FEATURE: 0001649: Show positions in the positions sought area
  • FEATURE: 0001664: The Candidate Ad Hoc Search now returns Salary Sought and Current Salary of the candidate.
  • FEATURE: 0001683: Mail merge a candidate from the candidates record

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue with processing PDFs in the Bulk Parser.
  • Resolved company documents all changing modified date if one of them is changed or added.
  • New interview automatic task no longer contains a reference to all vacancies.
  • Resolved duplicate ID's in employment history breaking the candidate search for vacancy.
  • Resolved udfFreeText2 error when editing mail merge templates.
  • Resolved an issue in which several main grid fields were displaying "&" as "amp".
  • "Send Email" button now closes the email window as expected.
  • SMS character limit now displays the correct number.
  • Resolved an error in which the KPI graph displayed incorrect information.
  • All files added to journals now generate clickable links as expected.
  • The preview pane now updates when a new document is uploaded.
  • Calendar year range increased when adding entries to Candidate Employment History.
  • Shortlisted Candidates that get moved to the review or exclude sections of a Candidate Search now get removed from the vacancy shortlist, too.
  • Company Document Upload no longer hangs if the company document was empty.
  • Moving a client contact to a new client no longer breaks if a replacement contact isn't selected.


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