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Update 1.68: Company Documents, Multiple Signatures, Text Message Templates and More!

28th June 2017

Update 1.68 of Vacancy Lab has just been released and we’re really excited about some new features that we think you’ll really like too. Our favourite three are explained in detail here, but don’t forget to check out the list of new features that we include below.

Company Documents

By going to Tools > Company Documents under the “Administration” section. You can set up company documents that all your consultants will have access to. Then, when you send an email, you can easily attach these documents.

Multiple Email Signatures

By selecting Tools > Options > Email Client from within the Vacancy Lab system, you can now set up multiple email signatures. Then, when you send out an e-mail, you can choose from them, sending ever more tailored emails to your clients and candidates.

Text Message Templates

Having had such positive feedback on our templates for emails and documents, we’ve decided to expand the SMS functionality to include similar features. This means that you can now, quickly and efficiently, send out multiple groups of text messages without having to re-write your templates.

Other New Features

  • The “Holidays” field can now have any number of days instead of weeks
  • One can now add client contact directly in email logging
  • Added  send cv to main grid right click searches
  • The default email font size is henceforth set to 12px
  • Changed the name of "Position" to "Position Sought" on Candidate Grid
  • Added a right click > Add journal in Adhoc Search results
  • Added new Candidate search criteria for vacancy fields: Current Position & Position Sought
  • Added filter to triage closed vacancies when selecting vacancies
  • Changed Journal security - administrators can set user level for editing journals
  • Task reminder popups now include phone number of contact
  • Current Employer is now viewable in the Candidates grid
  • Salary now available in Vacancies and Candidates grids
  • Added current employer to Add New Candidate Wizard
  • New event programmer parameters to add Map Links to new interview events
  • Added New Administrator Permissions for access to Journals



Resolved Issues

  • Resolved a Microsoft Edge bug in event programmer: the parameters always appeared in the top left and not where the cursor is.
  • Resolved an issue preventing 'Source' from being found when using the Advanced Find
  • Resolved an issue with sorting by Client in the Email Contact selector
  • Position Sought on candidates grid no longer displays ampersands as &
  • Resolved an intermittent issue with losing Consultant name during saving
  • Resolved an issue with too many characters in Facebook posts causing an error
  • Pressing ALT+N in currencies and user manager now opens a new window as expected
  • Resolved an issue where not all names were appearing in the mailing list when selecting a new mailing address in the email window
  • Add contact as candidate now adds a new candidate as expected
  • Resolved an issue wherein the Adhoc Search would refresh when sending an SMS
  • Resolved a minor issue with Open All/Marked for Archive only showing closed vacancies
  • Resolved an  issue with emailing more than 100 candidates which used to cause an error to fire
  • Closing bracket no longer disappears when saving search in the Ad Hoc Search
  • Resolved an error when sending many SMS messages
  • The multiple closed vacancies in journals bug has now been resolved


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