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Update 1.67 - New Location and Candidate/Contact/Client/Vacancy selection tools

5th April 2017

Version 1.67 of Vacancy Lab has just been released and we wanted to let everyone know what is included in the build. This update mostly includes requests to the system as well as various minor bug fixes.

New Location Selection

The new location selection tool allows you to quickly select multiple locations. It also gives you the ability to search for locations by name - each matching occurrence is highlighted in the view. The tree of information is also expanded if the search results are further through the hierarchy.

Revamped Candidate, Client Contact, Client and Vacancy Selection

You can now easily add or remove Candidates, Client Contacts, Clients or Vacancies with the updated selection feature. It's easy to make simple changes like removing an entry and not losing your previously selected entries.

More information in the right places

Extra information shown for records as requested:

  • Candidate grid: Shows all positions sought (not just one)
  • Email grid: Client Contact Position
  • Email grid: Candidate Position sought
  • Shortlisting Candidate: Client Vacancy Reference

Other Improvements

  • Improved error reporting for WordPress plugin
  • The ability to quickly select thousands of Client Contacts via the Client grid when emailing or mail merging


  • 'RPT: Candidate Full Name' parameter now specifies that it returns all candidates relating to the vacancy
  • 'Skills Training', 'Skills Qualification' and 'Skills ComputerLiteracy' parameters are only displayed when they can be used
  • SMS word counter fixed for RedSMS customers


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