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Update 1.65 - Set Height of Headers and Footers, Default Opening Tabs

14th February 2017

Version 1.65 of Vacancy Lab has just been released and we wanted to email everyone to let them know what is included in this build. This update mostly includes requests to the system as well as various minor bug fixes.

Set the height of Documents’ Headers and Footers

We have now added the ability to create headers and footers with customisable sizes. This feature stops headers and footers from covering the body of the document by automatically fitting the body outside of the chosen fitter area.

Select which Tab in the Clients, Contacts, Candidates or Vacancies to open by Default

Several Vacancy Lab users have requested that certain tabs open by default when double-clicking on a value within the one of the main grids. With this new feature, each user can decide which tab is open by default within the options menu.

Make a Contact into a Candidate

It is now possible to make a contact into a candidate if required. This feature comes as requested, and gives the option to change between contact and candidate through a right-click on the required name on the 'Add Candidate' screen.

Other Improvements

  • Bulk Client Import
  • The ability to select which default telephone number is selected when adding/parsing candidate
  • Character counter for SMS
  • Ability to display currency e.g. GBP, EUR in the word press plugin
  • Commission now is not required to total 100%


  • 'Send CV' now attaches required document even if the candidate does not have an email address.
  • A space in a username will no longer break email signature images.
  • Headers on the second page of the generated CV PDFs don’t hang-over the second page body text.
  • Multi-line footers display in full when generating a pdf CV.
  • Adding a new position or job category does not error when adding in white space.
  • Can now import skills from .PDF documents in candidate documents.
  • Fixed the shortlisting candidate from a vacancy time-out issue.
  • Town parameter on CV generator no longer comes out in capitals unless specified to.
  • Adding a new currency – Errors when saving the currency are now fixed.
  • Context menu in blank area closes when selecting an option or left clicking off it.
  • In the main grid, total number of clients/candidates displays 0 if there are no results.
  • Problems with RedSMS originator are solved.
  • When you create a PDF mail merge, the system now creates a journal for all records rather than just the first.


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