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Update 1.64 - Context Menu in Table Area and Task, Events and Journals Updates

29th November 2016

Version 1.64 of Vacancy Lab has just been released and we wanted to email everyone to let them know what is included in this build. This update mostly includes requests made by our clients for the system as well as a few minor bug fixes.

Context Menu in Table Area

Several clients have requested the ability to right-click in the space around data tables, to open the associated context menu, without clicking on a row. This has also improved functionality in areas of the system where there are no rows to click on.

Tasks, Events and Journals Updates

We listened to your feedback about our major update to the Tasks, Events and Journals tab in the Clients, Contacts, Candidates and Vacancies. You can now view all entries by clicking the ‘Reset / Show All’ button. In the appropriate sections, ‘Client’ is now a returned data field.

WordPress plugin update

The WordPress plugin has been updated to work in harmony with the latest major version of PHP(7) as well as having a few minor tweaks.

Other Improvements

Other improvements to the system include:

  • Main grid archived candidates no longer turn black when a non-archived candidate is changed.
  • All fields correctly exported from the Ad-hoc searches
  • A filter has been added to Ad-hoc search to allow for candidates without documents to be removed from the search results.
  • Instant searches are saved when switching between grids.


  • Special character ‘ñ’ can be used in the CV name.
  • Empty row added for non-shortlisted candidate.
  • ‘&’ can be used in template descriptions.
  • New client contact is now added to the client box.
  • ‘#’ can now be used in addresses.
  • Error with logging sent items has been fixed.
  • With no social address, right-click lookup on LinkedIn/Facebook/twitter fails


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