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Update 1.62 - New Summary Tab Layout & New Consultants Report

19th October 2016

Version 1.6 of Vacancy Lab has just been released, bringing with it a wide range of improvements including speed increases, an update to the summary tasks tabs and a great new reporting section designed to give your management team an easy to digest overview of each consultant’s performance.

New Summary Tab Layout

A number of clients felt that having two tasks, events and journals windows was not the best use of space for the summary tab when you opened a record. In the new layout, the second tasks, events and journals window has been removed making space for the first window to be expanded. The expanded window has then been updated to provide additional information about the tasks, events and journals being displayed.

Updated Tasks and Journals Tab

To improve the speed of opening a record, we have been adjusting how the record is loaded. One noticeable change is that we have stopped the data in the Tasks and Journals Tab from loading unless it is needed. This data was causing a significant delay in opening times and was rarely used in comparison to other parts of the record. The Tasks and Journals tab will now only start to load the data when you search for something.

New Reporting Section

The new reports have been designed to show a range of KPIs for any given consultant over a range of time periods, allowing you to easily identify how well they are performing and any areas they may need improvement.
The KPIs used in the report include:

  • Vacancies added 
  • CV's sent 
  • 1st Interview arranged 
  • 2nd Interview arranged 
  • Candidates under offer 
  • Candidates accepted 
  • Candidates placed 
  • Earned commission 

Along with historical performance, the new reporting section also shows forecast statistics based on the number of currently open vacancies and the number interviews booked for the coming weeks.

Once you have received the new update, you will find the new reports by open the tools menu, clicking on general reports then selecting the consultants tab. 

Other Improvements

  • The Next Available date can now be included in the candidate’s main grid.
  • Tasks can now be marked as complete from the reminder window via the right click contextual menu.
  • New Vacancies can now be added via the vacancies tab of the client contact window.
  • The search in the tasks and journal tab will now search the whole journal text and not just the subject.
  • A link to the client website can now be found in the client’s preview pane.
  • The way the web publishing handles location has been made more flexible.
  • The outbox now turns red if there has been an error sending an email.
  • Users can now sort the Tasks Events and Journals grids in the Client, Contact, Candidate and Vacancy records.
  • The vacancy selector table accessible through the tasks events and journals window is now sortable.
  • The Journal summary screens now show if an email has an attachment.
  • Emails now display names with the first name followed by the last name.
  • Capacity of the export main grid to CSV has been improved.
  • Export CSV can now be used to export closed vacancies and archived records.
  • Reporting of errors when publishing vacancies to a website has been improved.
  • Is client contact / is candidate have now been added to the relevant main grids.
  • Has agency CV can now be displayed on the main grid and ad-hoc search.


  • Resolved an issue where spaces at the end of email addresses could sometimes cause logging issues.
  • Resolved an issue where profiles names in the event programmer could be left blank.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing male to be selected as the default sex.
  • The order of the ad-hoc search columns now remain as they were left rather than returning to their defaults.
  • The warning to alert that a candidate may already know the client when shortlisting them to a vacancy now works as expected.
  • Double clicking a linked vacancy ref in a task, event or journal will now open up the vacancy in a new window as intended.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the ad-hoc search to error when the text search contained a mix of quoted and unquoted search phrases.
  • Using the "send CV" event to generate an email to the candidate will now attach CVs as intended when sending multiple CVs at once.
  • Adding skills to an ad-hoc search now works as intended.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented email attachments from being added to the journal.
  • Exporting ad-hoc search results to CSV now works as intended.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the IMAP logging to mark emails as read.



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