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New Agency CV generator, Improved Email System, Updated Text Editor, Logic Melon Integration and Social Lookup for Candidates and Contacts

21st June 2016

We are currently deploying a series of updates that will take Vacancy Lab to version 1.58. These updates include a number of significant new features and improvements along with the normal bug fixes making it one of the largest updates we have released so far, so large in fact that we had to split the update into several patches.


Agency CV Generator

We are very proud to announce a feature that we have been wanting to bring you for some time, the Agency CV Generator.

The Agency CV Generator means that you can now create professional branded CVs that follow a consistent structure and pattern based on the data stored in your system. CV templates can be created via the template manager based on the new Candidate CV merge fields. New CVs can then be created from within each candidate record. As with all generated documents, generated CVs can even be edited retrospectively as required. 


New Email System

We have completely redeveloped the email system to remove some of the functional limitations being experienced by some users. Where the previous email functions attempted to pass emails directly to your email provider, the new email system employs an outbox so the system can send your emails in the background while you move on to other things.

The new email system means that that users should now only be limited by their email provider or system resources when sending large numbers of emails and mail merges.


Updated Text Editor

We have updated the WYSIWYG text editor user throughout the system to make it easier to use and more intuitive. Along with the new editor we have also added number of improvements to the PDF generator (including the ability to have headers and footers and the much requested support for Calibri!)


Logic Melon

We are proud to announce that we now integrate with Logic Melon alongside Broadbean and Jobmate. A number of clients requested we add support for this award winning job posting service and we were happy to oblige.


Social Media Lookup

Another feature that has been requested by a number of clients was the ability to quickly lookup a candidate or contacts social media profiles.  The right click contextual menu for the candidate and client contact grids now include options to lookup someone's Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook profiles which will open in a new window.


Other changes and bug fixes

  • Skype ID has been added as a social media field for candidates and client contacts
  • You can now archive candidates from the Adhoc search results
  • Closing a candidate window by pressing enter no longer causes a duplicate candidate to be created
  • You can now correctly add notes to position sought
  • You can now create an editable document when there are no existing documents for that candidate or client contact
  • "Do not contact" now functions as intended
  • Send CV events now correctly overrides the default send CV action
  • IMAP logging should no longer pick up occasional spam emails
  • Re-ordering of To/CC/BCC lists in the email client now works as intended
  • Other smaller bug fixes and performance improvements



As this is an especially large patch we will be rolling it out to each client one by one so we can go through the changes with you and answer any questions you may have. This process has already started and will be continuing over the coming weeks.

As always we would like to thank all our users for the amazing feedback we have been receiving. While we cannot promise to include every suggestion we receive, it all goes towards helping us understand how the system is being used and evaluate which areas to work on next.


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