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Palustris was the predecessor of Vacancy Lab. A powerful recruitment tool in its own right.

Palustris: The History of Vacancy Lab

Palustris has been on the market for over 12 years and is a very fast and reliable recruitment tool in its own right. We felt it was time to give Palustris an update and with the feedback of a large client base the system has evolved in to a new product: Vacancy Lab.

Vacancy Lab brings all of the features of Palustris and adds the knowledge and experience of a large number of recruiters to do so much more. If you have used Palustris in the past, or taken a demo and have seen first-hand what it could do for you: Rest assured the new Vacancy Lab system builds on the reputation and features of the last 12 years.

If when you were searching for Palustris you were looking for fast, reliable software that has passed the test of time: You found it! It's now had an update and is ready for the future!